Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Niche?

The other day I got a really cute phone call from my older brother to ask me "what type of products did you say I should be using on my skin?"
Now most sisters wouldn't be excited about something like that but because I am a student of the Beauty industry I am beside myself! I love products and helping people find that one thing that makes them feel fabulous. Wether it be getting clearer skin, lengthening eyelashes , discovering a great cleanser or scrub and sometimes just finding the right lip gloss.
So I recomended that he try Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser and Daily Facial Moisturizer as it is non-irrating and a good start for a newbie to the product world, reminded him not to buy the products the grocery store as they are more expensive and sent him on his way.
He calle about 3 days later super excited about the cleanser and how his skin felt and I'm feeling like a pretty good sister.
That got me to thinking about the recent expansion of Men's skincare products. This is a relatively new niche and I am going to be doing a little more research into all avenues.

Check back to see what I uncover!

Ciao bella!

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