Sunday, April 10, 2011


I think I'm in love with a scrub.
A body scrub that is.
You all know I go absolutely ga-ga over new beauty (read makeup) products but did you also know I have a small obsession with bath products as well?
Yeah. Skincare is the business and I aim to keep mine in top notch condition.
Of course I exfoliate my face because I want my makeup to look its very best.....but I'm also slightly obsessed with exfoliating my body as well.
Spring is here and Summer is coming just around the corner and that means short dresses, shorts and .....(gulp) bathing suits!
A few weeks ago Hautelook was having another great beauty event, this time they were featuring 100% Pure a wonderful beauty & skincare brand that has a TON of yummy treats for me to choose from that not only smell great but are good for my skin!
The products are all organic and vegan and contain no harsh additives.
No emulsifiers, thickeners, fragrances or preservatives.
The downside to the lack of preservatives means your products have an expiration date that is clearly shown on the package.

The upside is that you don't have to worry about any harsh reactions from use AND you know exactly how long the product is good for!
To me the benefits far outweigh the downsides.
I was fortunate enough to score 2 separate sets:
Organic Boxed Fruit Body Scrub set ( three 6oz. scrubs :Organic Blood Orange, Fuji Apple & Pomegranate) - retails for : $35.00 - I paid $14.00

forgot to include the body lotion
Pomegranate Body Kit ( Body wash 16oz., Body Lotion  7.5oz & Body Scrub 13oz ) retails for: $45.00 -  I paid $18.00
All in all I spent $32.00 (excluding tax)..... not a bad haul if I do say so myself.
It arrived on Monday (earlier than expected so that's always a plus) but I forgot about it until I was in the shower Tuesday morning.
I quickly hopped out of the shower and ran down stairs to grab the scrub and test it out.
It's A-MAZING. I am so happy with my purchase!!
The scrub is perfect in my opinion.
Not too harsh, not too slippery and not overly pungent and left my bedroom smelling delicious for hours!
Left my skin silky smooth and not dried out and allowed it to soak up the moisture from the lotion.
If you haven't - go get some here and check it out for yourself! 
Your skin will thank you.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learning Curve

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a M.A.C Pro workshop for Bridal Makeup at the M.A.C Pro store with the fabulous Keri Blair.
As an artist, I am always looking for new techniques and pride myself on learning as I go.
Makeup is an ever-changing art form and there is always something new to learn so I love to attend different types of classes and see what I can see!

Keri is a M.A.C senior artist and absolutely A-MAZING.
I've never met her before but her energy and demeanor inspired me a great deal.
She answered all of our questions regarding the wedding makeup business and then did a brief demo.
One of my favorite things (aside from her fabulous personality) was that she did not stick to having a simple and muted palette for the "bride".
She smoked her eyes out big time but in a non-i'm-going-out-partying-tonight kind of way.
Quite ethereal really - sadly I didnt get a pic on my phone but if you have a chance ; go check out her site see some of her amazing work!

As a M.A.C Pro Student member I have the opportunity to take Master Classes that they offer and learn new techniques, be exposed to new products and shop my heart out!
My kind of day.

Here'a  quick pic of what I scored - nothing major just some key basics to add to my ever growing kit!

face charts, lip conditioner, brush cleaner, brush #130, Fix+, complete comfort creme

And last week I received my order from Red Ginger via Hautelook:

15 shade concealer/corrector palette & 32 lip color palette

Self- Promotion

I don't have "sponsors" for this blog but from time to time I do plug certain brands or businesses simply because I like them.
Not because they are paying for ad space or have given me kick backs.
Not saying that I'm opposed to that ( Hear that Target, Nordstrom, Smashbox and M.A.C??)
But having said that I have to do some shameless plugging for ME for once!
Many of you know that I am a makeup artist in my "spare time" and have been honing my skills for the better part of the last decade. 
Well this year I plan to take my business to a whole new level and that's where YOU come in!
So please go to Facebook (you're going to check it in 20 minutes anyway if you're not already logged on)  
and "Like"my business page 
feel free to recommend to all your friends as well!!!
About Sweet Emotions:
Sweet Emotions Makeup Artistry  was conceived by Amber Dorsey  in 2007 and inspired by her love of makeup and all things beauty related. 
Her goal is to create wondrous moments of glamor, educate to keep clients informed and to inspire women to be their very best version of themselves every day.
Sweet Emotions Makeup Artistry  is a full service makeup artistry company dedicated to providing makeup application and education to women of all walks of life, having them recognize the beauty within and helping them to let it shine!
Amber has a strong desire to make women feel beautiful in their own skin and provides a training and education service that teaches women of all ages and races how to apply makeup that compliments not only their complexion but age as well!
Amber has spent the better part of the last decade making up her friends and family for every occasion and finally decided to bring her artistry skills to the public!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Photo shoot mania

Good afternoon my lovelies!
This past weekend was filled with makeup madness.
Saturday was a portfolio shoot for my new website (stay tuned!) , followed by a fun makeup application for an anniversary party for a girlfriend and Sunday was a bridal consultation!
Good times!
For the photo shoot on Saturday 5 of my fabulous co-workers happily volunteered their faces so I could create a few fun looks I hadn't tried and my fabulous friend, Rob, was gracious enough to lend out his studio and take the pictures for me ( he has wicked photography skills).
I did a total of 6 looks on 6 different faces in about 5 hours while rocking out the choice musical selection and giggling the day away.
I had a few inspiration pictures and was excited all the girls were totally game for whatever I had in mind.
Most of the models generally wear little to no makeup on a daily basis so it was a bit of a shock to see themselves so glammed out but I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out.

Here are a  few sneak peek's!!

Tell me what you think!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mommy Makeover

All too often I hear women complain of being stuck in a makeup rut.
They are still wearing the same 'look' they've been wearing for about 10 + years, trading in frosted lips, super sculpted cheeks and frosted blue eyeshadow for muted browns and tans, heavy brows and over lined lips.
Everyone from 'housewives' and stay at home moms (SAHM's) to working women, wives, mothers and single gals alike.
I hear the same thing......"I want to experiment a little bit.....BUT I don't know what to do!"
That's where I come in.
My job and whole goal is to make women feel and look beautiful while educating them on how to re-create that feeling / look on their own.
Sounds like I would be out of a job if everyone learns to re-create the looks they love on their own.
But, for me, it's more about empowering the women to have the courage to try that new thing they saw in a magazine.
And everyone is different with what they need and how they approach things.
Take Michelle for example, she contacted me back in late December to find out if I ever did just simple consultations for everyday makeup as opposed to a "special occasion" as she was tired of looking how she felt each day.
And then she posted this a few weeks ago.
Immediately I contacted her and suggested we meet up and get this ball rolling.
So Saturday afternoon I trekked down to her abode and we got busy.
Let me start by saying Michelle is a fabulous homeschoolin mama to 6 (that's right S-I-X) beautiful kids.
5 boys and 1 lovely little girl.
Suffice to say she has her hands full.
But she was tired of feeling like "the housewife and wanted to spruce up her look just a bit to add a little pep in her step and to allow her to feel beautiful ALL day long (not just "special nights out").
Michelle has such a beautiful heart and I really wanted that inner beauty and shining light to be reflected in her face.
She's also not very big on flash and super heavy and dark colors.
She even admitted that she's somewhat intimidated by colors and the whole makeup process and is very much Type A, follow the rules type of woman.
No problem.
I also wanted her to feel really comfortable with all that was going on so I made sure to explain each step and product to her and gave her a nice little face diagram to assist in her next endeavor on her own.
 I created a fairly simple look that would bring out the wonderful green in her eyes and let her inner light shine.

look at that glow!!

I had intentions on taking before and after pics but honestly, I hadn't seen her in 13 years and we spent the first hour just catching up and chatting and then I opened my 'magic box' and went to work!
We kept it simple with minimal foundation a little highlighter to give her that 'extra glow' that makes her look like she's been sipping sweet tea and relaxing on the veranda all day instead of wrangling 5 boys and a nice neutral lip.
Nothing super flashy, save for a wash of purple shadow on the eyelids but enough to get her out of her rut and into a new routine she can easily re-create on her own.
I think / hope she was pleased with the results as I was happy to work with her and help in any way I can.
Her mother and stepfather stopped by as I was wrapping up and commented on how snazzy she looked.
Even in jeans and a cardigan - she was a glowing woman!

Thanks Michelle for a wonderful afternoon!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's new Love Bug?

It's been awhile since I've posted but fear not!
I have plenty of news!
In the last weeks things have really been buzzing over here at Sweet Emotions.
Awhile back I mentioned I was taking a makeup certification course at Mt.SAC and I finished that about mid December.
With that class came the opportunity to apply for a M.A.C student Pro Card , the Pro Card enables me as a student working artist to access certain kits and products not available to the general public at a discounted rate.
And who doesn't love a deal on makeup!!
So about a week and a half ago I ordered my Student Pro Kit and it came about 6 days later.

Holy. Makeup. Heaven!!!
still in their pretty boxes

view from above
beauty loot!

When the box arrived at "the job" the women were all a-flutter as that much makeup in one box was just mesmerizing!!
I know you all are curious about what I scored so here's a quick rundown:
  • 15 eyeshadows + palette to contain them
  • 4 blushes
  • 1 sculpting powder
  • 1 shape powder definitive
  • 1Pro Palette case (for the above)
  • 6 lipsticks
  • 2 lip pencils
  • 2 eye pencils
  • 1 fluid line eyeliner
  • 1 mascara
  • 4 select cover up concealers
  • 4 face & body foundations
  • 3 mineralize skin finish natural
  • Prep & Prime transparent finishing powder
  • 4 Lipglass
  • 3 cream color bases
  • 3 eye brow pencils
  • 1 Penultimate liner
  • 3 pigments
  • 6 brushes
  • Blank face charts
  • M.A.C tote bag


A definite investment but completely worth it.
Already I've been able to reap the benefits of this amazing kit.
I took it with me to the hair salon last week
(I had to share w/ my good friend/hair stylist and  who doesn't take all of their makeup to the salon????)
and ended up doing an impromptu makeup application on another customer who was going out that evening!
excuse the photo - she was getting color and we tag teamed her

just a little enhancement to add to her beauty!
I also 'officially' launched Sweet Emotions Makeup Artistry as a business now that I've finally admitted that my love of creating beautiful makeup and magical moments with and for all types of women is where my passion lies.
So I joined Wedding Wire and am open for business!
Won't you stop by and leave a comment or review?
Be on the lookout for a new website and portfolio photos soon!!

Oh yeah and if you're in need of  a makeup artist.....give me a holler!