Tuesday, April 28, 2009

extra inches


My latest OBSESSION:

Maybelline Stiletto Lash Mascara!


So...I wandered into Target the other day in search of a new mascara as it was time to replace the old one, and as I perused the many selections I stumbled upon the new Maybelline Stiletto Lash.

We all know what stilettos can do for the legs but Maybelline's new mascara claims it can do the same for your lashes!

The new Lash Stiletto has an elastic formula with Pro-Vitamin B5 to stretch lashes and give a black-patent shine.

There are a total of three shades available - Very Black, Soft Black and Brownish Black.

I picked up the Very Black and ran on home anxious to test it out.

Being that I am a mascara connoisseur, I feel pretty good about saying that this is


My lashes have never looked so long and luxurious!!

I've been wearing it alone for the Twiggy effect and then when combined with eyeliner ~
Va Va Voom Vixen!!!
I encourage you all to try it and let me know what you think!

But what I really want to know is:
Whats your favorite mascara?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hair Trauma

My daughter has beautiful, naturally curly hair from her father's side of the family.
It is both a blessing and a curse.
She loves that her hair can be worn straight or she can wear it in a pony tail of some sort.
But it is a challenge for me to come up with new hair styles.
We would like for her to do less of the pony tails and more of the free and loose curls.
I have tested out numerous products to allow her naturally curly texture to be displayed but it seems the products either work on the detangling and leave her ends dry and frizzy or the hair is moisturized but the curls shrink up after the product has dried!

In the very back of a past issue of InStyle that I never got around to reading (don't remember the month either-sorry), I noticed a quick blurb on Halle Berry's favorite things and there was a product line that she uses on HER curls.
Since she has beautiful hair I thought," OK - lets see what they're talking about", and found this
How absolutely fabulous!

Mixed Chicks is a line of hair care products designed with curls in mind.

It's lightweight, its not sticky and it locks in moisture all day
So of course I want to try it and lo and behold stumbled upon it at the local beauty supply store!
Whoo Hoo!!
So we tried it out and......
I am now OBSESSED!
I put a small amount of the Leave-in-Conditioner in my palm, spray her hair with water, add the Mixed Chicks , comb through and style as usual!
Her hair is curly and soft and it makes it easier to comb through and style.
We LOVE it!
Thanks Mixed Chicks for making my Sweet Pea's hair shine and her curls so defined!
Will post pics in a bit!!
Until then check out the website and locate where MixedChicks is sold near you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RUN dont walk!!!!

Exclusively at Sephora!

Smashbox Masters Class Vol. 4 ($175 value)

contains all the necessary products to achieve and maintain a flawless complexion ,from illuminating serum to moisture-rich lip gloss , as well as an instructional DVD!

This kit has all of your beauty basics covered!

At only $59.00 this kit is a steal and I will be rushing out to purchase one ASAP!!!

Check it out and let me know what you all think!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speaking of bridal beauty - here are a few pics from a wedding I did last summer
My best friend Michelle's "little" cousin Myndi got married!

maid of honor

sister of groom

the bridesmaids and flower girl

my bestie, her mama and her sister

Myndi is a country girl at heart and her wedding, which took place on a ranch in Temecula, had a lovely down home feel to it!
Myndi was unlike most of my brides
in that she didnt really have any specific "look" she wanted to attain.
She just wanted me to do my thing
and trusted that I would make her look even more amazing than usual
and that her maids would look lovely as well.
Thanks Myndi!!!

also is a pic of my little one and her "new" auntie on her wedding day!

Thoughts? Comments?

Bridal Beauty Style

Well ladies, it's that time again.
Spring is here and that means that the "wedding season" is upon us.
As a makeup artist that is wonderful for me, because I stay pretty busy and get to meet all kinds of different women.
Some women want to look really natural,some just want "a little shimmer",
some want to look glamorous and some don't know what they want at all.
As I am newly engaged I am now facing that impending decision as well.
Being a makeup artist,
I have a better idea of how my ideas will look and am willing to take more risks.
I am looking forward to picking up the bridal magazines and seeing what the latest and greatest looks are.
check back for my monthly updates and photos of some looks I might try out either on myself or on my unsuspecting friends and family!
So in the meantime, leave me a comment and let me know what your wedding day beauty style was like or will be!
check out http://www.instyleweddings.com/weddings for ideas and suggestions!