Friday, January 16, 2009

1st post!

well it here it is 2009 and I have now joined the wonderful world of blogging.
funny, I used to think blogging was for people who had too much time on their hands but now I'm thinking it could be very therapeautic, not too mention informative.
so what do I post?
hmmm......since this is my first blog I guess I will just introduce myself.
I'm a makeup artist, mother to a wonderful little girl, girlfriend to the most magnificent man ( not too mention my best friend) and a student of the world.
I hope that my blogs will entertain, excite and enlighten those who read it and maybe catch up a few others on whats been goin on in my life over the last couple years.

So this morning, I woke up feeling not so hot. After staying at home all day yesterday taking care of the sweet pea and the BF, I kind of new it was going to come down on me but I thought I could fight it. Boy was I wrong.
I took a nap so I do feel much better and hopefully will be able to get some work done around the house and on the computer. That is if I don't cracked out on Facebook for hours......
But while I was wallowing this morning and trying to go back to sleep while my sick kid was in the next room I started to think about all that goes into being a mom and why as moms we have such guilt if we are not "perfect".
What is that about? Nobody is June Cleaver and lets face it - she was a FICTIONAL character! nobody can take care of everything all the time!
so to all my moms out there who feel guilty for not being a perfect susie homemaker, please understand that its okay to feel frazzled and its okay not to have dinner waiting when your significant other gets home and its okay to have laundry piled up and a not so spotless long as your family is happy - NOTHING else matters.

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! It is quite therapeutic! I definitely know what you mean about not being perfect. You are definitely NOT alone! I still struggle with it! But, you are right, as long as your family is happy, that is what's important!