Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Know What Girls Like......

Girls Dig Pearls
Too Faced Cosmetics has done it again!
They have come up with a lip gloss that perfects ones pout without all the sticky mess!
Having worked as an intern at Too Faced , I saw this product come together and have to personally attest to it's fabulousness!
First of all the texture and gloss shine are phenomenal and the packaging is just too cute!
The secondary packagaging (the box) is just as fun & flirty!
There are velvety pearls on the box and the lettering is covered in the same material in Too Faced's signature pink & black.
From SEPHORA.com
What it does:
Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls Lustrous Lip Gloss is the classiest way to get irresistibly kissable lips. Heaven knows that no lady worth her country club membership will forego her trusty strand of pearls—and no glamour girl can live without a gorgeous gloss. Lavish your lips with this silky treat that conditions and softens—creating a sexy sheen. A suggestive hint of peppermint will keep you coming back for more. These aren't your grandma's pearls!
What else you need to know:
You'll love this formula's sweet finish—it's sweet and shiny without being sticky. It is infused with real crushed sea pearls that offer unparalleled radiance and promote cell rejuvenation for a fresh, youthful look. Peppermint oil and vitamin E sooth and moisturize, leaving your lips luscious and lovely. Take your pick from four fabulous shades—or try them all for pure pearl paradise! (www.sephora.com)
But don't just take MY word for it; run out and grab one today!
Don't forget to pick up one of the Luster Liner's too!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baxter Update!

Okay so a couple of weeks ago I had my boyfriend try out the samples from Baxter of California.
I have since been waiting patiently for his emailed review of the line but since he fails to see why he has to email it to me I will just paraprhase here:
The shaving lotion is a nice texture and consistency. It coats evenly and doesnt irritate the skin.
He can shave often and not get razor bumps. ( Love that!)
As for the the daily face lotion I will testifyt that his skin looks really good and is soft and smoother than usual.
So, feel free to run out and grab the Baxter of California products for the man in your life and let me know how you like them!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tender Moments

Intimate grooming products are part of a woman's beauty ritual and I wanted to share about a product I was introduced to ( thanks Phnewfula!) that I think is pretty awesome.

The re-birth of feminine hygiene in its modern form has arrived!

Intimate Grooming Escensuals™" by SweetSpot Labs®.

Unlike most soaps, shampoos or body washes, SweetSpot Labs® products are pH balanced specifically for optimum sweet spot health. They contain mild ingredients specially chosen to blend with soothing botanicals, and is absent of alcohol.

I highly recommend the Gentle Wash , Balancing Mist and On-the-Go-Wipettes, the products thoroughly cleanse, are refreshing and smell fantastic!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

for the fellas

Given the recent boom in men's grooming products , I got to wondering how good they were and what some of the oldest and most repudited brands were. Lucky for me I have a girlfriend who always manages to score great samples and shares. So she let me have some skincare samples from Baxter of California and a body wash. Baxter of California was launched in 1965 and has been featured in Men's Health, Men's Vogue,Details and GQ.
Imagine my excitement! And fortunately for me I have a wonderful boyfriend who understands and tolerates my beauty obsession and lets me test things out on him.
So tonight he's going to test out the face wash and in the morning, the body wash and shave cream!
I will report back and let you know how it goes!
In the meantime ~ ladies let me know what your guy uses , IF he uses anything , skin, hair and body, I want to know all about it!