Monday, September 27, 2010

Get Your Evil On

Among the many advantages of working for an online fashion company is the fact that it is more than acceptable to be on the internet constantly. Little do they know, that for the past couple of weeks, I have been scouring cyber space for the down low on MAC’s Venomous Villains collection and how I can get my sparkly little hands on exactly what I want.
So the scoop is that it launches for all of us in the US on September 30th,  but what time?
(Some rumors state it could begin online as early as today, yes today, September 27th at 6pm EST which is 3pm for me!)
 That I still can’t figure out.
(Lucky for me, I recently switched to the early shift, so I will be up and at it quite early)
However, my most recent researching has been dedicated to weeding out those pesky permanent items that MAC is notorious for sneaking into these great launches. 
I will admit, as a long time beauty junkie, I have fallen in this trap more than I’d like to admit. We all know it. 
It sneaks up on you in the fury of the launch in the early morning hours, before you’ve had your coffee (or tea… or hot chocolate), when you suddenly realize that those 3 blushes you just paid for, you: a. already have or b. realize that you could have saved yourself the puffy eyes and irritation of fighting the online world and sauntered to pick them up at any MAC store at your convenience. FAIL. However, after logging countless hours, Venomous Villains seems to be mostly limited edition (which does make my heart sing…just a little). Research completed, I then compile a list of “Must, Must, Must Haves (Read: “These products will put me into a makeup coma” and “I will absolutely die without them”) and Wants (Read: “If I grow a money tree, or in the event of an emergency, an item I want sells out one of these will be my immediate back up”).
Let’s face it ladies, I want it all…or at least one from each collection. But after looking through it all and really answering the “Will I really ever use or wear this?” dilemma, I find myself not really wanting one thing from every collection.
My thought process goes something like this…I NEED (yes, I NEED)
Malifecent’s Bad Fairy and Mean Green nail lacquers (perfect for Fall)

Maleficent’s Briar Rose Beauty Powder 
(I have never bought a Beauty Powder from MAC before…so this will be a first..Tips and tricks are more than welcome)

the Evil Queen’s Bite of an Apple Powder Blush

and last, Dr. Facilier’s Magically Cool Liquid Powder
(I’m opting for the Cajun color –sheer bronze that reflects gold…I think Yes!).  
And I WANT….everything else, because let’s face it…I’m an addict.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trending NOW: the 3 colors you NEED in your bathroom

From lips, to eyes, to nails - this seasons hottest new looks call for old staples to be re-mixed into bold and daring new shades that compliment the cooler weather magnificently.
Plums are rich and powerful. Neutrals are made new with updated barely there but highlin impact thanks to rich textures and colors and greens look fresh with a little shimmer and sheen.  My top ways to wear the trends? Keep it simple.
The Lips : Wines, Plums and maroons make a bold statement and instantly begs for attention. A sophisticated alternative to the classic red, it has refined edge that adds instant glam. To apply - use a lip brush for a more precise finish then blot to avoid bleeding.

The Eyes: Swipe on a bit of mossy eyeliner and all your friends will be "green" with envy as you rock the latest trend and make your eyes POP in the process. For most- green eye shadow is like red lipstick. It's all about finding the shade that's right for you! For lighter or fairer skin tones - try an olive or seafoam, women with medium to darker skin can wear brighter shades such as emerald
Nails: By adding a hint of purple to last season's all-the-rage beige you've got a HOT new hybrid nail color. Suitable for both a night out and working the day away.  A neutral compliment to all the deep autumn colors we'll all be wearing for the next few months.
Run to your nearest Sephora, Ulta or Planet Beauty and pick up these must-have items for this Fall season!!! 
And when you do - send me your pics that showcase how YOU wear the fall trends!!

What's new Pussycat????

Hello Glamazons!
It's been so long since I've written I almost don't know where/how to do it!
But let's just jump right into it shall we?

It's a brand new year and a brand new season which means STUNNING new looks for all beauties out there to try at home!
This fall has an abundance of trends and tricks so I'm going  to start w/ the most basic trends I've been reading about.

1.  sparkly pink cheeks
2. Matte Fuchsia lips
3. Tangerine Lipstick
4. Pink & chocolate
5.Burgundy Lipstick
6.Lavender shadow ( I am a HUGE fan)

7.Forest Green shadow

The same color trends are showing up all over the place in everything from eyeshadows and lipsticks to nail polish, the runways were glowing with the warmth that fall brings and so will you!.
Check back later this week for my tips on the top 3 colors of the moment and how to wear them!!