Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's new Love Bug?

It's been awhile since I've posted but fear not!
I have plenty of news!
In the last weeks things have really been buzzing over here at Sweet Emotions.
Awhile back I mentioned I was taking a makeup certification course at Mt.SAC and I finished that about mid December.
With that class came the opportunity to apply for a M.A.C student Pro Card , the Pro Card enables me as a student working artist to access certain kits and products not available to the general public at a discounted rate.
And who doesn't love a deal on makeup!!
So about a week and a half ago I ordered my Student Pro Kit and it came about 6 days later.

Holy. Makeup. Heaven!!!
still in their pretty boxes

view from above
beauty loot!

When the box arrived at "the job" the women were all a-flutter as that much makeup in one box was just mesmerizing!!
I know you all are curious about what I scored so here's a quick rundown:
  • 15 eyeshadows + palette to contain them
  • 4 blushes
  • 1 sculpting powder
  • 1 shape powder definitive
  • 1Pro Palette case (for the above)
  • 6 lipsticks
  • 2 lip pencils
  • 2 eye pencils
  • 1 fluid line eyeliner
  • 1 mascara
  • 4 select cover up concealers
  • 4 face & body foundations
  • 3 mineralize skin finish natural
  • Prep & Prime transparent finishing powder
  • 4 Lipglass
  • 3 cream color bases
  • 3 eye brow pencils
  • 1 Penultimate liner
  • 3 pigments
  • 6 brushes
  • Blank face charts
  • M.A.C tote bag


A definite investment but completely worth it.
Already I've been able to reap the benefits of this amazing kit.
I took it with me to the hair salon last week
(I had to share w/ my good friend/hair stylist and  who doesn't take all of their makeup to the salon????)
and ended up doing an impromptu makeup application on another customer who was going out that evening!
excuse the photo - she was getting color and we tag teamed her

just a little enhancement to add to her beauty!
I also 'officially' launched Sweet Emotions Makeup Artistry as a business now that I've finally admitted that my love of creating beautiful makeup and magical moments with and for all types of women is where my passion lies.
So I joined Wedding Wire and am open for business!
Won't you stop by and leave a comment or review?
Be on the lookout for a new website and portfolio photos soon!!

Oh yeah and if you're in need of  a makeup artist.....give me a holler!

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