Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mommy Makeover

All too often I hear women complain of being stuck in a makeup rut.
They are still wearing the same 'look' they've been wearing for about 10 + years, trading in frosted lips, super sculpted cheeks and frosted blue eyeshadow for muted browns and tans, heavy brows and over lined lips.
Everyone from 'housewives' and stay at home moms (SAHM's) to working women, wives, mothers and single gals alike.
I hear the same thing......"I want to experiment a little bit.....BUT I don't know what to do!"
That's where I come in.
My job and whole goal is to make women feel and look beautiful while educating them on how to re-create that feeling / look on their own.
Sounds like I would be out of a job if everyone learns to re-create the looks they love on their own.
But, for me, it's more about empowering the women to have the courage to try that new thing they saw in a magazine.
And everyone is different with what they need and how they approach things.
Take Michelle for example, she contacted me back in late December to find out if I ever did just simple consultations for everyday makeup as opposed to a "special occasion" as she was tired of looking how she felt each day.
And then she posted this a few weeks ago.
Immediately I contacted her and suggested we meet up and get this ball rolling.
So Saturday afternoon I trekked down to her abode and we got busy.
Let me start by saying Michelle is a fabulous homeschoolin mama to 6 (that's right S-I-X) beautiful kids.
5 boys and 1 lovely little girl.
Suffice to say she has her hands full.
But she was tired of feeling like "the housewife and wanted to spruce up her look just a bit to add a little pep in her step and to allow her to feel beautiful ALL day long (not just "special nights out").
Michelle has such a beautiful heart and I really wanted that inner beauty and shining light to be reflected in her face.
She's also not very big on flash and super heavy and dark colors.
She even admitted that she's somewhat intimidated by colors and the whole makeup process and is very much Type A, follow the rules type of woman.
No problem.
I also wanted her to feel really comfortable with all that was going on so I made sure to explain each step and product to her and gave her a nice little face diagram to assist in her next endeavor on her own.
 I created a fairly simple look that would bring out the wonderful green in her eyes and let her inner light shine.

look at that glow!!

I had intentions on taking before and after pics but honestly, I hadn't seen her in 13 years and we spent the first hour just catching up and chatting and then I opened my 'magic box' and went to work!
We kept it simple with minimal foundation a little highlighter to give her that 'extra glow' that makes her look like she's been sipping sweet tea and relaxing on the veranda all day instead of wrangling 5 boys and a nice neutral lip.
Nothing super flashy, save for a wash of purple shadow on the eyelids but enough to get her out of her rut and into a new routine she can easily re-create on her own.
I think / hope she was pleased with the results as I was happy to work with her and help in any way I can.
Her mother and stepfather stopped by as I was wrapping up and commented on how snazzy she looked.
Even in jeans and a cardigan - she was a glowing woman!

Thanks Michelle for a wonderful afternoon!!!

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