Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Windows to the Soul

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and I am inclined to agree that they are quite an important part of one's daily beauty routine. The way we focus on our eyes can change the entire way a makeup look is viewed. They are the cornerstone of most makeovers and an essential part of how we view ourselves.
Being that mascara was the first thing I was allowed to really wear, I rarely leave the house without it as I feel it adds just a little extra something to my overall look.  That certain "je nais se quais" if you will.
This month's issue of Allure magazine has a whole article dedicated to "Eyelash Effects" and how they have changed over the years. It's also noted that 50% of women would choose mascara if they could only use one cosmetic.
To me that says a lot. There are no shortage of new mascara's on the market weekly and I am one of those people that is perpetually buying a new one in hopes that this will become "THE ONE" but I've realized that they are all good for different things.
I've recently discovered yet another mascara that has tickled my fancy for the last month or so.  Benefit's "They're Real" - a jet black mascara that not only lengthens but curls, lifts and creates volume for a spectacular false lash effect.

The domed brush tip also helps to define even the smallest of lashes ( I like to use it on the inner corners and the bottom lashes for extra drama). I already have curly lashes so this just brings out the volume and gives them some extra "oomph".
I'm also a huge proponent of false eyelashes. What a great and fun way to amp up your look without spending hundreds of dollars on eye lash extensions! The lashes of today are much more exciting than those of yesteryear. No more scary caterpillar-esque strips that just scream FAKE LASHES but are more about filling out skimpy lashes or just add a dramatic effect.
Some of my favorites are by the brand Baci - they range from Natural, Glamour (rhinestones) and Paradise (think pink feathers) and they are just FUN accessory to add to your look!
You can also find decent ones at your local Sally's Beauty Supply (Ardell) or ULTA (  NYX makes some KILLER ones!)
Do you have a favorite eye makeup product?

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