Thursday, November 11, 2010

All about Eyes

It's been a busy week but I don't have class this Sunday so now I can finally catch up on here and re-cap some of what we've gone over.
This past week was All about Eyes - a favorite focal point of mine.
Because eyes are the windows to the soul right?
And we all want to be seen as having  beautiful eyes.
Even if they are normally a mud brown color.
There are 6 general eye shapes and a plethora of combinations which are distinct to each client.
They are:
  • Almond Eyes - the most common shape
  • Deep Set - no lid shows
  • Protruding -lots of lid shows
  • Wide set - large space between
  • Close set - limited space between
  • Droopy -  minimal lid, shape goes lower at outer corners
*************There is an excellent site HERE that details all the shapes with pictures and a great 'how -to' for makeing up*************

I had the pleasure of working on a lovely model whose eyes were almond shaped.
but upon closer inspection it was discovered they were also protruding as there was a lot of lid and a little bit droopy as the corners turned down a bit.

I started by prepping the eye area witht a little custom blended concealer and  a primer from Smashbox.
Then I filled in her brows ever so slightly with a darker grey/brown (Urban Decay) and highlighted the brow brown (Anastasia).
I then covered the entire lid with a light beige-y shade ( Shroom by M.A.C) concentrating on the inner corners.
Then I created a light > shape on the outer corner to give her some definition and followed that along the crease ever so lightly.
I repeated the same shape on the inner corners but much lighter and not as close to the nose.
I then lined her upper lid w/ a dark grey brown (Red Ginger Palette) and repeated the same liner under neath close to the water line, she curled her lashes and I topped with two coats of mascara and wah-la!
she's a superstar!!

What do you think??

What type of eye shape do you have?

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