Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Few things in life are "easy" but for some certain talents/skills seem to be a little more natural or inherent than for others.
Some people are excellent cooks.
They can take a recipe and re-create it plus add flare with instantaneous perfection. 
Some are great bakers. Never met a cake/pie/tart they couldn't make.
Some people have a wicked sense of style.
They've never had an 'off' fashion day are expertly skilled at throwing pieces together and still looking stylish.
Others still are amazing crafters - they can quite literally make something out of nothing and it's AWESOME. 
I am not one of those people.
What does come "easy" for me though is makeup application.
In it's truest and purest form - it is basically art to me.
Each face is a blank canvas for me to create a new form of beauty the owner never saw.
It gives me life every time I am able to work on someones face and they look in the mirror after and go "wow. I could never do this on my own".
And I usually just shrug it off like, sure you could.
In my mind everyone has the ability to do anything.
But really some people are just not as good at some things as others are.
And that's totally okay.
Makeup has always come easy.
I re-create looks I see online, and in magazines.
No it doesn't automatically look the exact same as the images I see mainly because every skin tone, texture, eye shape and color are different but the gist is pretty much spot on.
For a long time I doubted my skill.
Really questioned if I was good enough because I don't generally look as 'polished' as the artist in department stores do every.single.day.
But then I realized - that's not who I am.

 I am a wife, mother and a makeup artist who is inspired by each freckle and mole on each face.
I am all about showcasing the beauty that you (the client) never saw before.
I want to makeup your face and have you be excited by what you see and hopefully you will utter the words "wow. I look great" afterwards.
It warms my heart when I give women a new way to look at themselves and in my mind that is what makeup is all about.
It's not about covering up any flaws, its about accentuating what you do have and making the most of that.
So yeah, putting on makeup and making up someones face comes pretty easy to me but it's not without having worked at it for years.

What comes easy for you?

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