Friday, July 27, 2012

Date Night Duo - Cat Eyes and a Slicked Center

I was pretty jazzed when my new InStyle came in the mail the other day.
Even though I rarely have time to leisurely read my magazines these days I make it a point to flip through to get ideas for new looks & trends to try.

I had a hot date with my husband last Saturday night so I  decided to keep the makeup simple yet glamorous.

The Cat Eye Liner, Eyelashes and a slicked center did exactly that.


Recently I have started pulling my hair back (it's been way too hot to have it down and in my face)
and  have been enjoying how it looks.
I wanted to try something a bit new (for me) and modern so I pulled it back into a low ponytail but added a side part, laid it flat in the center and then got funky by adding a small bump towards the crown.

For details on how I created the Cat Eye Liner see my post here.

The Hair-do:

 As a makeup artist I'm always willing to go out on a limb and try a new trend or re-create some look I saw online but as a mother I try to not go too overboard with my daily look.
But I was so pleased with the outcome that I know I will be trying both of these looks again!

Even my outfit was out of the box for me. Normally I would have paired something like this with some strappy heels or flashy pumps but I decided to go a little bit rock 'n roll and add these black booties I bought a while back but had yet to wear.
I loved the way it all came together. 
My husband even approved!

What trends are you interested in trying?
Is there anything you want to see me showcase here?