Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trending NOW: the 3 colors you NEED in your bathroom

From lips, to eyes, to nails - this seasons hottest new looks call for old staples to be re-mixed into bold and daring new shades that compliment the cooler weather magnificently.
Plums are rich and powerful. Neutrals are made new with updated barely there but highlin impact thanks to rich textures and colors and greens look fresh with a little shimmer and sheen.  My top ways to wear the trends? Keep it simple.
The Lips : Wines, Plums and maroons make a bold statement and instantly begs for attention. A sophisticated alternative to the classic red, it has refined edge that adds instant glam. To apply - use a lip brush for a more precise finish then blot to avoid bleeding.

The Eyes: Swipe on a bit of mossy eyeliner and all your friends will be "green" with envy as you rock the latest trend and make your eyes POP in the process. For most- green eye shadow is like red lipstick. It's all about finding the shade that's right for you! For lighter or fairer skin tones - try an olive or seafoam, women with medium to darker skin can wear brighter shades such as emerald
Nails: By adding a hint of purple to last season's all-the-rage beige you've got a HOT new hybrid nail color. Suitable for both a night out and working the day away.  A neutral compliment to all the deep autumn colors we'll all be wearing for the next few months.
Run to your nearest Sephora, Ulta or Planet Beauty and pick up these must-have items for this Fall season!!! 
And when you do - send me your pics that showcase how YOU wear the fall trends!!

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