Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Traveling Menagerie

The first weekend in June I had two weddings back to back.
Saturday morning and Sunday evening.
So I had to fly with all of my makeup necessities.
Did I mention I also brought my almost 4 month old baby boy?
It's hard for me to travel within the state with all of my makeup let alone pare down what I really needed for two days of bridal beauty and take it on a plane.
I have an (semi) irrational fear that my luggage will got lost and they will lose my makeup so I generally pack it in my carry-on bag.
But this time was different.
This time I had to bring everything!
What was an artist to do?
Get a new traveling makeup bag that is TSA and airplane friendly of course!
I was gifted this lovely ZUCA bag as an early birthday present and it was such a godsend.
so many pockets!

the pouches have room to label each one!
How have I lived without it?
It has more than enough room for all of my necessities (with five clear pouches, zippered pockets inside and out) AND two brush rolls, comes with a cover, has wheels and a place to sit!
I am in heaven.
Unfortunately I had to pack the bag that carried all my liquid foundations but I created an itemized list of the contents should anything happen to my checked luggage so I would know exactly what I was missing.
all this had to go in my luggage!!

I decided since I know both of brides pretty well (they're my god-sisters) I could skip a few of the miscellaneous eyeshadows and only bring the palettes I needed along with the rest of my essentials.
So thats what I did.
I created face charts prior to arrival so it would make my work easier and faster as there was no trial run since they live on the other side of the country but I didn't want to just 'wing it' either.
I needed to be prepared for any and everything.
And I was.

my main arsenal

The main things I packed were:
Smashbox Photofinish Primer
Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand
NARS Blush in Orgasm
NARS lipgloss in Orgasm
M.A.C lipglass in Sinnamon, Oh Baby & Wonderstruck
M.A.C eyebrow pencil in Stud
Ardell & NYX false eyelashes
DUO eyelash glue
M.A.C lipliner in Spice
M.A.C 24/7 Comfort Creme
M.A.C translucent setting powder
Concealer palette
CARGO Tinted Moisturizer
Benefit Mascara - Yes They're Real
Dior Show Mascara Blackout
Urban Decay NAKED palette
(not pictured -  Red Ginger eyeshadow palette & m.a.c eyeliner in coffee)

With those items I can pretty much do anything to anyone as needed.
When I look at it all together it seems like so little but I know all those products combined with the right brushes can do wonders for a person.

So thats a little bit of my travel style.
Tell me, what products are a must for you when you travel?

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  1. Love your kit!! That bag is AMAZING!!